MAVERICKS FOUNDERS is an Angel syndicate from Berlin, made up of experienced founders backed by seed investments from other entrepreneurs to support great minds and their visions. We’re not an incubator, accelerator or financial investor. We’re your peer. We’re like you. We’ve been in your shoes. We package experience, manpower and startup investments into your idea to bring it to life!

Early Stage Investor & Angel Syndicate in Berlin

Supporting our family of Mavericks Founders since 2013

€80M+ raised in portfolio, 18 active ventures, 3 exits

“Our Mavericks Founders can rely on the three key ingredients to success. We’ve all built business and still run them. We know what it takes to win in the arena. We know because we’re in it not because we’re sitting on boards.”

Experience. Applied.

Our Angel syndicate gets actively involved by working alongside you sharing our business and investment expertise so you can sidestep mistakes, learn faster and be more successful. As opposed to advisors that talk we’re right there next to you cold calling, developing click dummies and doing everything else needed to help your early stage business and startup. We treat your business as our own, not just an investor.

People. Committed.

We make sure your venture is made up of the right people collaborating effectively to achieve your joint vision. This means you get access to a huge network of experts, staff, analysts, investors and anyone else that may be required and we help you manage them.

Resources. Ready.

When you’re fighting hard to bring about innovation and to win a market the last thing you need is a distracting fight for resources on top of that. We make sure you get exactly what you need fast and enough of it – staff, investment, space and whatever is needed.

Mavericks is a winter destination for some

of the world’s best big wave surfers. Very few riders

become big wave surfers, and of those, only a select

few are willing to risk the hazardous, sometimes

deadly, conditions at Mavericks.

Using design thinking and our digital experience, we have a lean approach to tranform an idea into a scalable business perfect for investment. If the meta-trends play in our favor, we’ll start developing an MVP to gather vital learnings.

Continuous iterations are essential to move closer towards a truly scalable product without burning cash and wasting time.

We never aim for perfection, but are convinced that “ok” at this stage is good enough. Once our gut feelings have been validated by hard numbers, we start building the pitch ready for an investor.

We aim to raise investment through early stage funding rounds in about one month in order to let founders focus on their job – building mavericks.


Pre-seed stage


Deals per year


Active investor network