M&A Advisory

As entrepreneurs and investors we’ve been at both sides of the table.
We’ve sold companies and we’ve invested – we know what it feels like on either side. Numerous funding rounds and transactions allowed us to continuously learn, deriving the finest M&A strategies, understanding the pitfalls, loopholes and limits.

Especially if the M&A involves a family business or a founder led company, usually a lot of heart-blood has been invested and changing ownership or control is a nerve-wrecking task. We believe that understanding the psychology behind a transaction is evenly as important as having a profound understanding of the technical transaction. Understanding and anticipating the dynamics of a deal, whilst bridging between the multiple stakeholders and advising entrepreneurs, the way we would expect entrepreneurial support is our focus. We have advised M&A transactions in the fields of software, technology, mobility and healthcare.

We do not provide legal or financial advice but closely collaborate with a proven team of partner lawyers, banker and tax advisory from leading companies in Germany, UK and the US. Being able to trust and rely on an A-Team is crucial, allowing our clients to focus on their daily operation and the deal outcome – whilst we are striving to settle for the best.