Ezeep is the most intuitive and best-designed

software for mobile printing and driverless

printing for your campus.

“Mavericks Founders are founders who know best what new

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About Ezeep

Ezeep is the only print management service that lets organizations centrally manage their entire print infrastructure from the cloud. It’s eliminating the need for a range of disparate products, reducing overall operating and printing costs, and increasing employee and IT productivity.
Ezeep’s Cloud-Managed Printing centralizes printer driver installation onto a single administrative server, minimizing the IT complications that arise from the numerous drivers on numerous machines found in large printer landscapes. ezeep simplifies the complexity of such environments by eliminating drivers for end users. Our cloud printing solution requires a one-time setup and configuration, outsourcing IT maintenance to ezeep’s cloud, so that network development does not have to be continuously maintained on site, while providing employees from all their devices to any ezeep-enabled printer.